My quilt challenge

After I made the initial kaleidoscope quilt mentioned in a previous post and along came quilting, I was hooked completely on quilting. So I did another insane thing, I challenged myself to make 11 more quilts that year in 2017. The kaleidoscope quilt being the catalyst for the other 11.

Kaleidoscope quilt

Then came a few baby blankets. One for my granddaughter Addison Grace, the other two for clients.

Of course, I had to try out the rag style of quilting. Which were gifts for family.

A couple of birthday gifts with a little bit of a Star Wars theme to them.

Next came the French Braid quilt. But this one had to be hand tied because it reminded me of the quilts my mother use to make.

Next one, was a bit challenging and was a Christmas Gift for my daughter and her boyfriend. She gave me the panel and asked me to build a quilt around it and for a bit of fun I added some appliqués.

This last one is my favorite. It was number 10 and was a birthday gift for my brother. When my brother was a young boy, he had a favorite blanket that he carried around every where with him. As he got older the blanket wore down so my mother would remake him a new one never tossing out the old one. He kept that blanket for years and over time and being used once again became threadbare. My sister-in-law asked me if I could take that blanket and remake it once more time because it meant a lot to him keeping it and being that our mother had passed away several months prior how could I refuse her. So, I remade him a blanket using the old and threadbare blanket as part of the batting. The choice of fabric was simple. He is a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys, and I love paper piecing projects, so it was a perfect match. My youngest son is pictured with the blanket to show how big it is because he’s 6’5″ tall.

My brother..and his blanket!!

So, has everyone been keeping track? Counting the number of quilts? Well, I know I did twelve but for the life of me I can’t seem to find the last one!! I’ve combed through all my pictures of 2017 and even went through my postings over at FB. Well..I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it! LOL

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