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Bavarian Dress

I was given the opportunity to make a Dirndl traditional dress for the upcoming Octoberfest in Mt. Angel. I was very excited because I love making dresses. My client provided all the necessary fabrics and sewing notions. The dress pattern was one I bought from Etsy. I didn’t take photos of the mock up IContinue reading “Bavarian Dress”


I am a planner by default. It probably has to do with the fact that I am a virgo and highly organized but every once in awhile I do something totally outrageous! My step-daughter is getting married next Saturday and while talking to my husband about the suit we will need to purchase I saidContinue reading “Countdown!”


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About Me
Computer enhanced picture of me (inset). I really think it captured my likeness and it makes me look younger!! ha ha ha

I am Ali and I have a great passion for sewing and sharing what I know with others. I do not claim to be an expert in any particular field of sewing as I love to dabble in all aspects of it. I will attribute my passion for sewing to my mother as I was inspired by watching her sew. From the age of 13 I marveled at the beautiful items my mother would make and be in awe of her talents. The joy that comes from taking fabric and creating something that can be worn, treasured, enjoyed or used, brings sheer happiness to my soul.
ā€œBeautiful things come together one stitch at a timeā€

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