What inspires me

I went to a local farmers market earlier this year, and talked with a vendor who makes the same style of purse in volume and the only difference is that she also sells shells made of different fabric. In my mind I thought, how does her creativity continue to flow when she’s making the same thing over and over again. So, I introduced myself as a fellow creative person and asked her. She said it was the shells made from different fabrics that keeps her going. For me, I have to continually learn a new technique, or sew something new and creative.

Because of my need to always find something new, I have sewn all sorts of beautiful items

Inspiration for me also comes from my past, and present. Does any one else remember those coin purses that were carried by your grandparents?

Finally, inspiration comes from the simple joy of taking fabric and turning into something spectacular, like my daughter-in-laws wedding gown or seeing the smile on your grandson’s face for building him a road.

His smile…priceless!

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