Scariest thing I ever did

My daughter married her best friend and soul mate in February of 2020 on the Big Island of Hawaii and my soon to be DIL asked me to recreate a wedding dress that they couldn’t afford. I was petrified to say the least. I had only made one other wedding dress and that was mine back in 1984 with my mother’s help! All I can say is that trail and error won out the day and I was so very proud of the dress. It took me several months to make this dress because, one the bride lived in another state and two I was petrified I was going to mess it up. We dropped the flounce, decided on an a-line skirt, took a blouse from another pattern and married the two together. The neckline is slight different as we took the pineapple lace and turned it upside down! It wasn’t an exact replica but it came pretty darn close!

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