Bavarian Dress

I was given the opportunity to make a Dirndl traditional dress for the upcoming Octoberfest in Mt. Angel. I was very excited because I love making dresses. My client provided all the necessary fabrics and sewing notions.

The dress pattern was one I bought from Etsy. I didn’t take photos of the mock up I made for my client, but I was lucky enough that she was her perfect size and didn’t require any additional fittings. The bodice and skirt are made from a netting with some beautiful ribbons sewed on top. The underdress is a silky fabric and while the pictures look blue it’s actually a hue of green.

When I was making the mock up, I was quite surprised to find the zipper in the front and I actually contacted the owner of the dress pattern to make sure I was reading the instructions correctly. A traditional dirndl dress has the zipper in front.

The pattern for the blouse was modified from Butterick 6816. Of course a Dirndl blouses are rather short so the blouse stops just above the waist line and she wanted the sleeves to stop just above her elbows.

The apron is also a non-traditional one from my research as it usually has gathers or pleats, but my client wanted it straight and with a longer tie. I like the white ties on the bodice, but she may want to exchange them out for black. That was the one item that she didn’t bring to me and I just used what I had on hand.

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