I am a planner by default. It probably has to do with the fact that I am a virgo and highly organized but every once in awhile I do something totally outrageous! My step-daughter is getting married next Saturday and while talking to my husband about the suit we will need to purchase I said I was going to buy a dress. Then my outrageous thought occurred, I can make myself a dress and my husband said “in a week”? I looked at him…

Truthfully I am wondering if I can pull it off but I am going to make every effort to do so.

I picked out a pattern out of all of the choices I had in my studio and ran off to the fabric store!

I am choosing to make the blue dress in the picture and I was having a hard time picking out the underskirt fabric but I asked a couple of ladies (customers) at the fabric store to help me and they were phenomenal! As I move forward with this project I will be posting more updates!

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