Work in progress

This is our 73′ Dodge van and we enjoy driving around in it. People will stop us and ask us questions about it, tell us stories about when they owned one or comment on how cool it is. We have toyed with the idea of putting it in some of the local antique car shows each year but never get around to actually doing it but we do take it on our road and camping trips! We thought we should spruce up the windows a bit and add some curtains! The curtains will also allow some privacy when we are camping.

We decided on a tropical theme and went with Tommy Bahama Outdoor Wind Surfers Mangrove fabric! And just for the record curtains are NOT the easiest item to make. You think, how hard could it be? Take measurements, add seam allowances, a bit of extra for fluff, bottom hem and bam. I thought I was on a roll! Four of the windows measured exactly the same. Lucky me! That is where my luck ended! I am sure you’ve seen that sign that states, “Measure twice cut once”. Well, take it to heart and when in doubt, measure again. I Cut the first two out perfect but when I cut out the second set, I cut them 2″ too short, width wise! DANG IT! I added a strip to each side of the second set and used french seams because this fabric frays something awful. The two perfect curtains shown below are on the side door windows. The two equally gorgeous but slightly different curtains will go on the back door windows.

I also had to order an additional 4 yards because I underestimated how much of the fabric I would need make the windows. There are five windows but I am also going to make a curtain that goes behind the front seats to block the view from the front window. With the left over fabric, I plan on making a quilt for the bed!

So stay tuned! More to come!

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